Bouquets with Personality

This is a fresh approach to designing with flowers and plants, by well-known floral designer Lucinda Rooney. Bouquets with Personality is an inspirational, educational and fun new way of learning how to design and interact with flowers and plants. In her first book, Lucinda Rooney offers a fresh approach to developing a sense of style, blending colors and creating unusual flower arrangements. Rooney believes that individual flowers all have personalities, just like people and those personalities must be kept in mind while arranging a bouquet. For example, when dealing with difficult flowers - what she refers to as 'type A' personality flowers - Rooney shows you exactly how to blend together loud, verbose blossoms (the same way you would with people). As the author says, 'Always let them be the center of attention, but understand they are nothing without good support'. Full of unique and unusual ideas - as well as stunning full-color photographs by Mick Hales - this book offers an opportunity to explore your creative self. Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned professional, or someone who just loves flowers, you'll enjoy learning how to express emotion and personality through flower arranging.