Boundary Elements: Incorporating Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetics

his book contains the edited proceedings of the 27th World Conference on Boundary Elements together with papers presented at the associated International Seminar on Computational Methods in Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetics. The Boundary Element Conference series continues to attract original contributions on theoretical and fundamental developments, as well as innovative applications. Its scope has also recently been expanded to include other mesh reduction methods. The presentations from the Computational Methods in Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetics Seminar cover a wide variety of theoretical and applied topics. Over 65 papers are included and these are divided under the following headings: BOUNDARY ELEMENTS AND OTHER MESH REDUCTION METHODS - Meshless Methods; Dual Reciprocity Method; Advanced Formulations; Inverse Problems; Stress Analysis; Plates and Shells; Damage Mechanics; Wave Propagation; Fluid Problems; Electrostatics and Electromagnetics; Computational Problems.E LECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND ELECTROMAGNETICS - Interaction of Humans with Electromagnetic Fields; High Frequency Electromagnetic Field Coupling to Transmission Lines; Numerical and Computational Methods; Electrical Engineering and Electronics.