Born Again

With the sharp eye of a journalist and the smooth hand of a veteran storyteller, Richard Oestermann presents 35 unique human interest stories from the heart of Israel. Jews, Arabs, a ballet star, a Nobel Prize-winning author, a Bedouin doctor, a transsexual and a murderer are just some of the colorful characters whose stories make up the diverse mosaic of Born Again. The title story, Born Again, is perhaps the most poignant in the book, as it highlights the hope, tragedy and irony which suffuses the daily lives of Israel's inhabitants. It tells the story of Shoshana Katzav, a woman nearly killed by an Arab terrorist, who wakes up after a two-month coma to find herself healed by an Arab doctor. Chapters from Born Again include: Born Again - After Sex Change, A Rabbi in Skirts, New Light on Jesus, Jew and Arab: Siamese Twins, The Philosopher in the Desert, The Swedish Colony in the Holy Land.