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keywords - Sweden, Scandinavian Crime, The Preacher, The Gallows Bird, The Ice Princess, The Drowning, The Hidden Child, Camilla Lackberg, audiobooks, Agatha Christie Camilla Lackberg has been celebrated as Sweden's answer to Agatha Christie which is a huge compliment for her since 'Death on the Nile' was the first book she ever read at the age of 7. Camilla talks to BookD about Sweden's darker underbelly over the pristine preconceptions of her homeland. Sweden's more stirring, atmospheric, and creepy Scandinavian landscape gives a great setting where bad things can happen. With this in mind, Camilla also discusses the phenomenon that is Swedish Crime and why leaving her job and becoming a full time author was something she had to pursue in order to keep her own sanity afloat during those dark, cold days and nights!