Bloom's Shakespeare Through the Ages Set, 21-Volumes

Each volume in the Bloom's Shakespeare Through the Ages set contains the finest criticism on a particular work from the Bard's oeuvre, selected under the guidance of renowned Shakespearean scholar, Harold Bloom. Intended for students just beginning their exploration of Shakespeare, these invaluable study guides present the best of Shakespeare criticism, from the 17th century to today. In the process, each volume also charts the flow over time of critical discussion of a particular work. This essential set is unique not only in the range of commentary it provides on each of Shakespeare's greatest works, but also in its emphasis on the greatest critics in our literary tradition-including such critics as John Dryden in the 17th century, Samuel Johnson in the 18th century, William Hazlitt and Samuel Coleridge in the 19th century, A.C. Bradley and William Empson in the 20th century, and many more. Some of the pieces included are full-length essays; others are excerpts designed to present a key point. Each title features: A selection of the best criticism on the work through the centuries Introductory essays on the development of criticism on the work in each century A brief biography of Shakespeare A plot synopsis, list of characters, and analysis of several key passages An introduction by Harold Bloom.