Blood of My Bone

In this fifth volume of Simon Raven¿s First Born of Egypt series, the death of the Provost of Lancaster College is a catalyst for a series of disgraceful doings in the continuing saga of the Canteloupes and their circle. Marius, under-age father of the new lady Canteloupe¿s dutifully produced heir to the family estate, is warned against the malign influence of Raisley Conyngham. Classics teacher at Lancaster, Conyngham is well aware of the sway he has over Marius, who has already revealed himself a keen student of ¿the refinements of hell¿. With fate intervening, the stage is set for another deliciously wicked instalment. ¿Perhaps it¿s time Raven¿s books got a Government health warning¿ ¿ Daily Mail ¿Raven is one of our best and funniest storytellers¿ ¿ Times Educational Supplement ¿Raven¿s world of upper- and upper-middle-class mores, or amores more like, is outrageous and funny, elegant and sharp¿ ¿ The Times