Blade Servers and Virtualization: Transforming Enterprise Computing While Cutting Costs

* Blade server systems and virtualization are key building blocks for Next Generation Enterprise Data centers * Blades offer modular, pre-wired, ultra high-density servers (up to 10x traditional servers) with shared components (power, cooling, switches) - reducing complexity and cost, and improving flexibility, availability, manageability, and maintainability * Virtualization enables consolidation of physical servers by allowing many virtual servers to run concurrently on one physical server - improving system utilization, reducing the total number of physical servers, reducing costs, and increasing flexibility * This is the first book covering these complementary technologies and how, together, they provide a strong foundation for the future * It examines the history, architectures, features, examples, and user case studies of blade systems and virtualization, and offers guidance and considerations for how to evaluate and implement solutions