Impossible to put down, this harrowing true story of a family's desperate struggle to survive at sea after disaster strikes will stay with you long after the last page. the heart-pumping true story of one family's terrifying battle for survival after disaster strikes on the high seas It was a case of now or never for Jean and John Silverwood when they decided to give their four young children a taste of adventure on the high seas. their bold decision to leave behind their everyday lives to sail across the world on a catamaran tested them all in ways they could never have imagined. Living off the grid could be paradise one day, a race to escape pirates the next, but perhaps the most difficult challenge of all in this brave new world was living and working together in such close quarters. their voyage of discovery ended suddenly and tragically almost two years later on a remote atoll in French Polynesia. On a calm and moonless night, without warning their beloved floating home Emerald Jane suddenly crashed onto a jagged coral reef. Within minutes, the seemingly indestructible twin-hulled yacht was being smashed to pieces. Gradually, in the dark crucible of the sea, the Silverwoods became a crew. then they became a family again. But just as it seemed that they had mastered every challenge, their world was shattered in a split second of unimaginable horror. Now the real test began, forcing them to fight for their lives.