Spiral bound
Feel your pre-party stresses drain away as Bites takes care of the catering needs for your next party. There are nibbles and starters to get your party moving and hundreds of recipe suggestions for one-bite finger food, bigger bites, spreads, dips and dippers. Thereis also a cocktail section to add a special dimension to your next event. Bites will inspire and delight with its simplicity and range of recipes. You will find treats such as mini Indian yoghurt bread, stuffed zucchini flowers, mini sweet potato and leek frittatas, and cherry tomato and bocconcinitartlets. Derived from the award-winning Chunky series of cookbooks, these easy-to-follow, beautifully photographed recipes are presented in a flip-book format. This innovative format allows you to prepare food easily without trying to wedge your cookbook open with a tottering glass of wine. Those greasy fingerprints which ruin so many cookbooks need never occur again! Previous Titles in the Chunky Flip series ?Outdoor -ISBN: 174045491X ?Express-ISBN: 1740454901