Birds of the Palearctic: Passerines

This is the essential companion for the keen birdwatcher. This book covers all the perching birds of the Palearctic, a zoographical area running from the British Isles eastwards to Japan, with its southern border marked by the Sahara and middle Eastern deserts, and the Himalayas. It covers the whole of the Russian Arctic, China, Japan and the whole of Europe - the most popular birdwatching area in the world. Every passerine species found in this wide area is illustrated in every plumage that they can be seen. Passerines are the songbirds or perching birds and is the largest group of birds covering larks through to buntings. Author and illustrator Norman Arlott is one of the world's leading bird artists and has seen nearly all of the 1,800 species featured in the field.The accompanying text concentrates on the characteristics and appearance of each species that allow identification in the field (including voice). Every species will also have a distribution map - in many cases the first time this will have been compiled for the area.