Biblical Knowing: A Scriptural Epistemology of Error

The importance of human knowledge and the consequences of error are constantly stressed within Scripture, which emphasizes the knowledge of good and evil: knowing that YHWH IS your God; knowing that Jesus is the Christ; and the goal of developing Israel into a 'wise and discerning people'. We, too, long for confidence in our understanding - the assurance that our most basic knowledge is not ultimately incorrect. Biblical Knowing assesses what Israel knew, but more importantly, how she was meant to know - introducing a comprehensive scriptural epistemology, firmly rooted in the Scripture's own presentation of important epistemological events in the story of Israel. Because modern philosophy has also made authoritative claims about knowledge, Biblical Knowing engages contemporary academic views of knowledge (e.g., Reformed Epistemology, scientific epistemology, Virtue Epistemology, etc) and recent philosophical method (e.g., Analytic Theology), assessing them for points of congruence or departure from Scripture's own epistemology. Additionally, Biblical Knowing explores what proper knowing looks like in the task of theology itself, in the teaching and preaching of the church, and in the context of counseling.