Beyond Guns and Steel: A War Termination Strategy

This work is a doctrinal examination of war termination strategy and conflict resolution as a dependent pair, requiring a plan to achieve both in unison in advance of a fight. * Examples taken from the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with models of war termination successes and failures to enhance the understanding of scenarios for possible resolution * A full array of definitions offering clarity for the reader seeking to grasp the book's methodology for war termination * Primary source documentation related to the author's seven combat deployments to the Middle East and over five years of personal involvement in combat and its aftermath. * Vignettes from history dating from the Revolutionary War to the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq * Sidebars offering relevant charts, graphs, and newspaper articles * Examples of conflict resolution to enhance an understanding of war termination outcomes * Firsthand accounts from various military officers in the form of Staff College manuscripts * A robust listing of books, interviews, documents, and articles on war termination and conflict resolution theories