Beton-kalender: Schwerpunkte - Konstruktiver Wasserbau, Erdbebensicheres Bauen: 2008

Beton-Kalender ( Concrete Yearbook ) focuses on hydraulic engineering and seismic design. Under the main topic of hydraulic engineering the Yearbook Concrete Structural Design deals with design and construction of underwater foundation structures and protection structures for coastal areas and inland waterways, with notes relating to concrete under specific exposure and concrete repair. Other sections cover seismic design, specifically dimensioning of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures according to DIN 4149 and Eurocode 8 and under dynamic loads. Following the introduction of DIN 1055, highly topical notes provide insights into relevant aspects. The book contains reprints of DIN 1055 Parts 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10.