Best Practices for High School Classrooms: What Award-Winning Secondary Teachers Do

'Learn expert teachers' secrets to success and bolster your classroom mastery! - thus the headline of the blurb of this book, itself sub-titled What award-winning secondary teachers do . It pulls no punches for that is exactly what the book aims at - giving details of how and in what ways various US high school teachers have developed success-making skills in their profession. Each account is short (I nearly said mercifully short) and most come with a number of supportive tips and links to teaching standards (national curriculum) as well as the meat. The many little stories come in nine different categories, mainly subject-specific, and of those mainly science, maths and technology. There are some delightful tales here, but it is not easy to imagine teachers and trainee teachers being able to find the half dozen tips in the whole book they might benefit from' - British Journal Educational Technology 'This book will be very helpful to new teachers and may motivate experienced teachers to expand their craft. It would be a useful addition to any secondary school professional collection, as it offers practical, down-to-earth advice, while highlighting innovative and exciting teaching methods. The state standards correlation sections are particularly beneficial' - Letitia Abram, Media Specialist Canal Winchester High School, Canal Winchester, Ohio In this book, the author has provided an instant network of outstanding educators who are willing to share their expertise. Designed to be an inspiring resource for practicing as well as future teachers, this unique guide details dozens of exemplary teaching practices. Administrators interested in discovering what outstanding educators are doing across the country will benefit from this volume as well. The chapters are divided by subject area, so readers can go directly to a specific subject, or browse through the book for a glimpse into new areas. These diverse messages from teachers in urban, suburban, and rural schools are a motivational and thought-provoking source of information. Classroom management, working with parents, innovative lesson plans and more are all discussed.