Best of the Brain from Scientific American : Mind, Matter and Tomorrow's Brain

We hear about a woman with an artificial arm controlled by her mind, read stories about the creative potential of right-brain and left-brain people, and watch science fiction films featuring characters with computer chips implanted in their minds. Yet, few of us understand the science behind these and other visionary advances being made today in brain research. Leading neuroscientists and scholars have charted the stream of new findings in Scientific American and Scientific American Mind, and their articles from the past eight years are compiled here in a comprehensive volume. Scientific American , the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States, has long been the standard bearer of science journalism. The expert articles assembled here, divided into three sections, reveal the latest developments of brain research in wholly readable fashion and explore the diverse topics now included under the umbrella of neuroscience. Consciousness and creativity are the focus of the Mind section, which features such compelling essays as science writer Carl Zimmer's examination of how the brain creates a sense of self. The Matter section includes articles on psychological disorders, addictions, and other topics related to the interaction between body and brain. And Tomorrow's Brain reveals the potential of man-machine interactions, as well as pioneering new methods of brain treatment. Eminent neuroscientist Dr. Floyd E. Bloom also contributes an informative introduction. Best of the Brain from Scientific American provides an invaluable guide to the exhilarating possibilities of neuroscience.