Best-ever Cooking of Malaysia, Singapore Indonesia & the Philippines: Over 340 Recipes Shown Step by Step in 1400 Beautiful Photographs

This is the ultimate guide to four exotic cuisines, their customs, ingredients and recipes. It includes a fascinating introduction to the geography and climate, history, culinary traditions and regional dishes of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. It presents more than 340 delicious and aromatic recipes, each accompanied by a photograph of the finished dish. It features Malaysian delights such as Malay Bee Hoon and Malay Cockle Curry, fiery Singaporean dishes such as Perak Sour Laksa and Singapore Chilli Crab; the fragrant Indonesian specialities Spicy Corn Patties and Marinated Duck; and Filipino classics including Twice-Cooked Lapu Lapu and Soused Fish with Bitter Melon. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines produce some of the most exciting and popular food in the world. Each country has its own style of cooking, but they all share an emphasis on using fresh seasonal ingredients. This volume explores the history, culture, customs, feasts and festivals of these South-east Asian countries and brings together a wonderful selection of fragrant and aromatic dishes that are easy to make. With more than 340 mouthwatering recipes from every region and beautifully illustrated throughout with over 1400 step-by-step photographs, you will never be short of inspiration.