Bennion on Statutory Interpretation: Second Supplement

For all practitioners of law, a keen and informed understanding of the meaning and interpretation of legislation is the key to professional success. This supplement is essential reading for everyone who has to administer or advise, argue or adjudicate on Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments. Bennion on Statutory Interpretation ( Bennion ) was recently described by the Chief Justice of Australia as the standard English work on the subject . It is undoubtedly widely used by practitioners and academics throughout the common law world. A significant factor in the success of Bennion has not only been its depth and breadth. It has also been the currency of the work. A key plank in ensuring that currency is the production of supplements. This will ground the ongoing appeal of Bennion, especially for the busy practitioner. The content of the Second Supplement will resemble that of its counterparts for earlier editions. It will, therefore, contain modifications of the text of the Fifth edition to reflect the changes since publication of the First Supplement.