Benjamin Franklin from A to Z

History comes to life for young readers as they explore an alphabet of the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was a printer, author, inventor, musician, scientist, and politician. His life serves as a reminder that through hard work and zeal, todays children can be anything they dream to be. Richly depicted information about this great American hero will delight readers, from B for his birth in Boston in 1706 to Q for his wise quotes in Poor Richards Almanack. Franklins impact on our countryhis influence on the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, the printing of the Pennsylvania Gazette, his experiments with electricity, and his invention of bifocalsis still felt today. In addition to the traditional facts about Franklin, this book contains lesser-known details of his work as an inventor and statesman. Beautiful illustrations and a timeline of his life set the stage for the story of the visionary renaissance man.