Bella Beaded Jewelry

The elegance of art gallery jewelry is at your fingertips with Bella Beaded Jewelry, your personal guide to creating designer pieces using unusual beads and materials. Beaded art has never been so attainable! All you need are a few simple tools and materials and the desire to get started. Bella Beaded Jewelry combines modern and vintage qualities, reflecting current trends while revisiting the most beautiful retro styles. Relive the flair of the sixties and seventies with mother-of-pearl beads, glass fruit, and translucent drops strung and knotted on unique materials like silk cording, wire mesh, waxed string, and colored wires. Projects are accessible to the beginner, using basic techniques like stringing, simple knotting, wire wrapping, and wire crochet, with basic tools like flat- and round-nose pliers, wire cutters, and beading needles. The design materials are flexible and forgiving, so even the beginner can produce gorgeous pieces with the aid of the step-by-step photographs that accompany each technique. For more experienced crafters, the new approaches, unique materials, and eclectic designs provide inspiration for chic new applications for their skills. Try the Egyptian collar made from safety pins and pearls, the Colors of the Sun necklace using orange silk thread and large glass barrel beads, the Knotted Button bracelet using waxed string and mother-of-pearl buttons, or the Hot Summer necklace made from red and yellow glass peppers strung on red waxed string. Next, try your hand at a delicately crocheted collar and bracelet with multicolored pearls, or a cascading mother-of-pearl and crystal necklace anchored on chain maille. Develop your own creativity and style with the artful designs and innovative materials in Bella Beaded Jewelry. Soon you'll have your own personal gallery!