Being Bindy

Paperback / softback
What happens when your worst friend, who used to be your best friend, threatens to become your sister?I'd never sat on my own in the schoolyard before. Everywhere I looked I saw smirking faces, people whispering to each other, or whistling. Janey wouldn't even look at me. I overheard one of the others say, 'I don't know why you were ever friends with her,' to which she replied, I know. 'She's just so bleagh.'That was the moment. It was officially TWDOML - The Worst Day of My Life.Janey narrowed her eyes. 'Don't you understand anything? When adults Go Out, it's not like when we do it. Before too long they'll want to move in together and where will they live? What if they get married? We'll be sisters.'Bindy faces some tough decisions, finding her own way among schoolmates, friends, ex-friends, boys and parents in this funny, searching novel from the author of Finding Grace and Walking Naked.