Becoming a Woman of Extraordinary Faith: 10 Inspiring Sessions

DVD video
In this captivating DVD, popular author, speaker, and president of Extraordinary Women Julie Clinton illuminates the life-changing truths of her book Becoming a Woman of Extraordinary Faith to help women break through the ordinary busyness of everyday existence to embrace an incredible life of rooted faith in Jesus Christ. Ten 30-minute sessions follow the book's 10-week structure and provide dynamic teaching segments, woman on the street interviews, and additional insights from leading Christian authors and leaders, including other EW speakers. This DVD will help women seek out God's heart and move forward with renewed passion and refueled purpose to discover: healing of past wounds; release from guilt and shame through God's love and grace; and, authentic and meaningful relationships. This multi-faceted DVD engages individuals and groups from the very start, encouraging each woman toward an anything-but-ordinary life of unshakable faith and godly significance.