BEAMS 2000, Dense Z-pinches: 14th International Conference on High-power Particle Beams, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 23-28 June 2002 / 5th International Conference on Dense Z-pinches: 2000

The generation and application of high power beams of electrons and ions by pulsed power technology was the main theme of this conference. Pulsed power compresses electrical energy in both space and time to efficiently create devices that have both high power and high energy content. This electrical energy can be converted into high power beams of electrons, ions and to generate high power microwave sources. High power electron beams are used to power microwave sources, for radiographing dense objects, for materials modification, or for various biological sterilization applications. High power ion beams are being explored for making new high-strength materials, nanopowders, and other commercial applications. Topics include: pulsed power technology, pulsed power switches, radiography, electron beams, electron beam applications, ion beam physics and applications, theory and modeling, as well as beams from ultra-intense lasers.