Be an Angel - Clear That Clutter!: Fun Ideas to Organize Your Home

Do you long to live in an oasis of calm? Jacky Newcomb did, too. Be an Angel - CLEAR THAT CLUTTER! charts her journey from clutter to clarity and all the crazy steps taken in-between. This journey is hers, but it could easily be yours. The inspirational ideas in this book will have you organizing your home even before you finish the first chapter. You're welcome to have a good giggle at her expense while you do so! - How to deal with emotional and inherited clutter - Successfully merging two family's belongings into one - The secrets to getting family and friends involved - Discovering 'hidden' storage - Living like a VIP by using the 'good stuff' every day If you're a secret hoarder or just a little bit messy, you'll find plenty of inspiration in this motivational, fun guide.