Be a CHANGEMASTER: 12 Coaching Strategies for Leading Professional and Personal Change

How to use coaching strategies to lead change in any organizationBe a CHANGEMASTER is a practical guide for school and district leaders that provides 12 strategies for overcoming resistance to change. Unlike more theoretical books, this text shows how to adopt a coaching style of leadership as a systemic change strategy. Numerous examples demonstrate how the strategies used in this book have led to transformational change. These success stories are drawn from the work of professionally certified coaches. Components includeChallenging assumptions to prevent them from becoming orealityoeDeveloping a higher purpose to foster happiness and ensure a positive legacyConfronting negativity by oreframingoe and cultivating optimismGathering a group to aggregate energy, creativity, and encouragementUsing imagery and visualization techniques to improve performanceFocusing on the future to overcome the errors of the past and challenges of the presentCoaching is the proven change process, and leaders everywhere need to master the skills and strategies coaches use to transform their organizations efficiently and effectively. This book helps turn executives, managers, and team leaders into motivators and their organizations into winners.