Basic Surgical Skills and Techniques

This second edition brings medical students and trainees fully up to date with the latest skills and techniques in surgery. The contents have been thoroughly revised and include the addition of four new chapters, and the layout improved to offer a logical, step by step format and enhance readability. Beginning with the basic preparation for surgery, each of the following chapters describes a different technique, providing a brief overview of the surgery, discussion on the instruments and an explanation of the actual procedure. Each chapter is highly illustrated and includes a summary of the key points. Key points *New edition bringing trainees up to date with the latest skills and techniques in surgery *Logical, step by step layout enhances readability *Thoroughly revised contents with addition of four new chapters *Highly illustrated with nearly 280 full colour images and figures *Key points summary box in each chapter to assist learning *Internationally recognised author and editor team from the UK and India *Previous edition published in 2009