Barclays Guide to Managing Staff for the Small Business

This guide to employing staff is aimed at managers and owners of small businesses who are planning to employ staff for the first time or expand their existing workforce. aeo How do you recruit the best person for the job? aeo How should you train and develop your employees? aeo What employment legislation must you be aware of? aeo Do you know the differences betweeen a fair and unfair dismissal? The book answers these and many other employment questions, showing owners and managers of small businesses how to handle staff successfully. Each chapter examines a separate but complementary employment issue, ranging from recruitement through to training and development to terminating employment. Current legislation is explained, potential problems highlighted and practical advice and solutions given. Checklists, summaries and sources of further reading and advice are featured throughout the text. comprehensive and written in highly readable style, The Barclays Guide to Managing Staff for the Small Business is essentail reading for all employers in small businesses, whatever their trade or industry.