Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes: Library Construction,Physical Mapping,and Sequencing: v.1

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Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes provides a comprehensive collection of the protocols and resources developed for BACs in recent years. These two volumes collectively cover four topics about BACs: 1) library construction, 2) physical mapping, 3) sequencing, and 4) functional studies. The laboratory protocols follow the successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format by containing a clear sequence of steps followed by extensive troubleshooting notes. The protocols cover simple techniques such as BAC DNA purification to complex procedures such as BAC transgenic mouse generation. Both routine and novel methodologies are presented. In addition to protocols, chapter topics include scientific reviews, software tools, database resources, genome sequencing strategies and case studies. These books will provide useful protocols and resources to a wide variety of researchers, including genome sequencers, geneticists, molecular biologists, and biochemists studying the structure and function of the genomes or specific genes.