Backpackers: Fear on a Shoestring

People do go missing on their holiday. More than people think. Backpacking tales do not always end happily...Andrew and Kirsten are down on their luck in Indonesia during the late 1980's. They are almost out of money and sharing dormitories with cockroaches and other wildlife. They are an unlikely couple; Andrew is a backpacker, seeking adventure and fun, and he's besotted with Kirsten; Kirsten is a mystery, escaping her past and seeking a revenge that even she doesn't quite understand. They run into Carlo, a smuggler, who is hunting his nemesis, Maurice, a killer with a grudge and a taste for backpackers. The journey into fear takes them across the backpacking trails of Asia from Indonesia to Nepal. This is a story of sex, drugs and rock'n roll, backpacker-style. Most backpackers enjoy an experience of a lifetime, untouched by anything more than Delhi Belly ...but some don't. Backpackers is a story that could happen to anybody. It's a novel for any past, present and future backpackers ...but not their parents!