Back in the Summer of '96 (Oh Yeah!)

Natasha, the main character is sassy and outspoken, but for all her 'front', she is secretly insecure, never quite managing to find the true love she thinks she deserves. Carrie is quieter than Natasha, and has a secret crush on Natasha's soon to be dumped boyfriend, and is in a quandary as to what to do about her feelings. Should she risk her lifelong friendship in pursuit of this man, or risk losing who could be the love of her life? Anna, the last of the three best friends, is a real stunner, with jet black hair which is as wild as she is. Anna is secretly having an affair with a man who is engaged to her friend Suki, and is willing to do anything to secure her man, even at the risk of losing Suki. The story follows the trials and tribulations, loves and laughter of these three young woman during this short period. It includes the excitement and tensions, the highs and lows of Euro'96, and some of the hilarious calamities that these girls got up to, especially on their very last official 'girly' holiday to Tenerife towards the end of the Summer.