Azure Mobile and Cloud Development in C#: Building Scalable, Secure Services for Windows, Android, and iOS: 2017

Learn the key services and application programming interfaces (APIs) offered by Microsoft Azure to build highly scalable, low-cost cloud computing services that bring the power of the cloud to mobile applications. The essentials necessary to leverage these key technologies are explained in a pragmatic way so the power, innovation, and potential can be fully realized. Coverage includes caching, storage, big data via (HDInsight) Hadoop, SQL database, notification hubs, mobile services, cloud services, load balancing, schedule, multi-factor authentication, and websites. Using these services, and others, you learn how to build highly scalable, fine-grained multi-tenant, secure representational state transfer (REST) services in the cloud. What You Will Learn:* Create responsive and engaging mobile applications for Windows, Android, and iOS* Understand the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure's key cloud services* Determine what goes in the cloud and what stays on the client * Build scalable, multi-tenant, and secure RESTful services in the cloud* Develop secure multi-tenant cloud solutions Who This Book Is For: Developers with at least one year Java development, or one year of .N ET development using C#. Familiarity with Android, iOS and Windows development is helpful but not required.