Automating the Welding Process: Successful Implementation of Automated Welding Systems

World class manufacturers have achieved great success with robots and automated machines. Your competition is increasingly becoming more global, and automating your welding operations is not only feasible but it is also becoming more necessary. One day, automation will become essential for survival, and welding automation can be an important step toward prosperity. The benefits of automated welding are clear, but how to achieve them with minimum risk has, until now, been a carefully guarded secret. In Automating the Welding Process, James Berge provides all the information needed to fully understand today's automated welding machinery, techniques, and philosophies. Not only are these variables thoroughly explained, but you will also learn how to use this knowledge to estimate startup costs and calculate returns on robotic and automated machinery investments. Written for everyone interested in increasing welding output, quality, consistency, and safety, this book provides the principles that will allow you to optimize the performance and maximize the profitability of your system.