Australian Gold & Silver 1851-1900

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, the gold rush that occurred in Australia attracted thousands of European jewellers, gold- and silversmiths to the country in order to supply the needs of the new rich. Australian Gold and Silver 1851-1900 showcases some of the most spectacular and rare examples of their work. Essays written by Powerhouse Museum curators reveal the creation of a uniquely Australian style in gold and silver jewellery and presentation pieces. This lavishly illustrated publication presents an intriguing and extraordinary period in Australia's cultural history. The stunning illustrations that are included in this book will be a revelation to many readers and the sheer beauty of these pieces of jewellery and ornaments, sculpted in gold and silver, is conveyed by the highest quality photographic material. Featuring works from all the leading jewellers, gold- and silversmiths of the period including Edward Fischer, Henry Steiner, Christian L. Quist, this book is a must for all those with an interest in gold and silver.