Attack in the Library

Series: Profusion Crime
GEORGE ARION's Attack in the Library (Atac in biblioteca) is one of the classic narratives of Romanian popular fiction. Written during the dictatorship of the 1980s, it weaves a gripping narrative out of the bars, the housing estates and restaurants of Bucharest. Arion's characters queue for food, cope with power blackouts, sweat in the heat and struggle with the privileges and influence of the elites. (Mike Phillips) Andrei Mladin, living Romanian journalist! Still living, I should say. I pulled out the imposing volume and began leafing through it sceptically. Exactly in the chapter indicated by the voice, there were fifty 100-lei banknotes. I felt the embrace of sheer panic. Right then the telephone rang again: 'Mladin! Have you found the money?' All I heard after that was the sound of the phone hanging up.