Athletic Training Student Primer: A Foundation for Success

Paperback / softback
The Athletic Training Student Primer: A Foundation for Success is a dynamic text that supplements the core concepts, terminology, and educational requirements of athletic training with the combination of academic and clinical education to establish a foundation of knowledge. This valuable resource is designed for both prospective and current athletic training students. Topics include the history of the National Athletic Trainers Association, diversity, employment settings, emerging trends, and educational resources. Unlike other introductory athletic training texts, much of the information is derived from interviews with a diverse group of professionals. This method allows for insight and advice on work environments, ethics, professional preparation, maximizing clinical education opportunities, and building a successful career. The reader is provided with a multitude of answers to many real-life athletic training situations. To further facilitate learning, an interactive website companion has been developed to complement the text. Through this website you will find a range of helpful features including web resources pertaining to the corresponding chapter topics, flash cards teaching important concepts, and quizzes testing the knowledge presented. The Athletic Training Student Primer: A Foundation for Success effectively blends the core concepts in athletic training with guidance on the human elements of the profession to provide a springboard for future study.