Assessing the Supply and Demand for Scientists and Technologists in Europe

Available evidence on the supply of and demand for professional scientists and technologists (S&Ts) in the European Union (EU) was reviewed. The main data sources were as follows: approximately 450 reference documents; national and international governments, training and employer bodies, and key international organizations; more than 100 international and national experts from the EU; survey results from 210 research and development establishments from across Europe; and a pilot econometric modeling exercise. The analysis established that the European market for S&Ts is not homogeneous and changing rapidly. More than two-thirds of the EU's approximately 800,000 S&Ts were in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. The European S&T labor market appeared to be broadening and experiencing continued growth, with more growth occurring in the services sector and small firms. The evidence suggested that demand for S&Ts will continue to develop and fragment. The review documented a need to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of training and methods for forecasting labor supply and demand. (Fifty-three tables/figures and 373 references are included. Information about international classifications and statistical sources, the survey methodology, and pilot modeling of the supply of and demand for research scientists and engineers is appended along with detailed tables by country.) (MN)