Aspects of Teesside

The Aspects series takes the reader on a voyage of nostalgic discovery through their town, city or area. This best selling series has now arrived, for the first time, in Teesside. Maureen Anderson has highlighted many wonders of the Teesside area, by using the talent of local authors. In Teesside: A Curious Journey the reader will be given the chance to find out the real boundaries of Teesside, an issue that has caused some controversy. We are then taken to the historical site of Stockton Castle: Gone and Almost Forgotten. There is also the chance to investigate the descent of the people of Teesside in Viking Descent: The Bulmers of Wilton-in-Cleveland Castle. We are also shown how important the waterways can be in River Tees: Lifeblood of the Tees Valley. All these and much more, of Teesside's history, have been captivated with fascinating illustrations in Aspects of Teesside.