Aspects of Sheffield: Discovering Local History: v. 2

Wharncliffe Books are delighted to announce the imminent publication of Aspects of Sheffield 2. This second Sheffield volume continues the Aspects tradition, bringing together well researched studies of the history of the city. Again, Melvyn Jones has assembled an informative collection of studies which reveal more of the history of Sheffield and its environs. The studies are all written by local authors and in addition to the informative text, there is a comprehensive collection of maps, drawings, diagrams and photographs. In Aspects of Sheffield 2, we encounter the trade in Sheffield wares to the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea and an Illustrated History of IZAL! We discover the surviving evidence of Early Roads in the area and examine the lives of the great men who aided the growth of the city. The history of Sheffield Cinemas and the Countryside of Ecclesfield, lie alongside the story of the ORegulation of LifeO in Attercliffe and the lives of John Kerr, mining engineer and Henry Bessemer, radical steelmaker. Aspects of Sheffield 2 will be of interest to the lifelong citizen and the newcomer alike.