ASM Speciality Handbook Heat-Resistant Materials

Series: ASM Handbooks
This handbook covers the complete spectrum of technology dealing with heat-resistant materials, including high-temperature characteristics, effects of processing and microstructure on high-temperature properties, materials selection guidelines for industrial applications, and life-assessment methods. Also included is information on comparative properties that allows the ranking of alloy performance, effects of processing and microstructure on high-temperature properties, high-temperature oxidation and corrosion-resistant coatings for superalloys, and design guidelines for applications involving creep and/or oxidation.Contents: General introduction (high-temperature materials characteristics, and mechanical and corrosion properties, and industrial applications); Properties of Ferrous Heat-Resistant Alloys (carbon, alloy, and stainless steels; alloy cast irons; and high alloy cast steels); Properties of superalloys (metallurgy and processing, mechanical and corrosion properties, degradation, and protective coatings); Properties of Nonferrous Heat-Resistant Materials (Ti and Ti alloys, refractory metals and alloys, Ni-Cr and Ni-ThO2 alloys, Intermetallics, ceramics, cermets, cemented carbides, and C-C composites); Special Topics (including creep-rupture sata assessment and use, thermal and thermomechanical fatigue, elevated-temperature crack growth, creep fatigue interaction and design for high-temperature applications and oxidation).