As the Crows So I: Poems by Liz Gorrie

When she accepted the offer to take the artistic leadership of a newly formed theatre company for young audiences on Canada's west coast, Liz Gorrie knew that this opportunity would satisfy her desire to create her own material for the stage using a full palate of performing disciplines. Dialogue in her scripts was usually sparse, and often in lyrical or poetic form, and it was through inspiration from her stage 'creations' that she started to express her feelings in poetry. Like the dialogue in her scripts her poems are spare and, like her plays, she challenges you to find answers. She questions your morality and weeps at our collective insensitivity, but she also reveals her love and her joy and her abiding sense of humour. If you knew Liz Gorrie you will laugh and cry as she takes you through her life's journey, and if you didn't, her poetry will not be soon forgotten.