AS Spanish Teacher Resource Pack

Spiral bound
About this pack This resource pack has been written expressly for students who are studying Spanish at AS. The pack: - is photocopiable - is in line with the AS specifications of the three English examination boards - gives guidance to teachers on preparation of classes - contains a range of extracts drawn from all over the Hispanic world - gives a range of practice in the four language skills - has a gradation of difficulty Structure of the chapters There are six sections in each of the ten chapters, three of which are Spanish-American and three Spanish, making 60 lessons plans in total. The structure of each chapter is as follows: - The Spanish and Spanish-American texts alternate. - The first section is always the Teacher Notes, divided into three parts: Before the lesson, Lesson plan and Homework. - The Teacher Notes are followed by Worksheets consisting of texts that provide the context for a number of exercises covering vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, role play, debate or writing. A variety of registers has deliberately been chosen: the texts are narrative, journalistic, descriptive or in dialogue form. Their length varies between 200 and 300 words. - Answers to the exercises, where appropriate, are on a separate Answer sheet at the end of each chapter.