Artists of the Renaissance

The Renaissance is arguably the most significant period in the history of art. Earls provides biographical chapters for each of the 10 most famous artists from the European Renaissance, including Alberti, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and others. Each chapter traces the childhood and artistic development of the artist, recounts in vivid detail his most noteworthy creations, places his work within artistic, cultural, and philosophical (often religious) contexts, and examines the ways in which he influenced subsequent generations of artists. A timeline, chapter bibliographies, a glossary of terms, and a subject index provide additional tools for readers researching artists from this unparalleled period of artistic creation and rebirth. In addition to learning about the artists' techniques, training, and creations, readers will learn many fascinating facts about the artists as people. Michelangelo carved his name on his Pieta only after it was publicly displayed and an onlooker attributed it to a Milanese artist. Leonardo da Vinci could bend a horseshoe with his bare hands, and he regularly bought birds from street vendors just to turn them loose. Brunelleschi made his own clocks. Alberti wrote a dramatic comedy in classical Latin that was mistaken by some for an ancient work. These ten artists truly embodied the Renaissance Man ideal. This book illustrates the agonies and the ecstasies of their lives and work.