Arthurian Literature

This latest issue of 'Arthurian Literature' continues the tradition of the journal in combining theoretical studies with editions of primary Arthurian texts. There is a special focus on Chretien de Troyes, with articles considering his identity, providing a new reading of 'Le Chevalier de la Charrete', and giving an account of a discovery of an important new fragment of the 'First Continuation'. Other essays deal with Glastonbury, at the heart of the English Arthurian legend;the Scottish treatment of the Arthur story in the Reformation period; and the 'Morte Darthur' in the context of fifteenth-century chivalric encyclopaedias. Contributors: SARAH KAY, NICK CORBYN, LISA JEFFERSON, AELRED WATKIN, JEANNE KROCHALIS, DAVID ALLAN, KAREN CHEREWATUK