Armin Linke: Transient

The work of Armin Linke is one of the most committed and interesting attempts to represent, on a global scale, images of the transformations taking place in the world today. An emerging artist on the international scene, over the last decade Linke has worked on the project 4flights, which is a 360-degree interpretation of the profound metamorphoses that urban and natural landscapes have undergone due to current political changes and modern man-made constructions. For this project Linke has produced thousands of images, with this volume presenting the first significant selection of 200 photographs. Organized as both an atlas and an impossible archive, Transient is a courageous undertaking which sheds new light - from the South Pole to Las Vegas, from Lagos to the ex-Soviet Union - on the transformations taking place in today's landscape and on man's place in this new world. The book is designed by Cornell Windly (another emerging figure in graphics and contemporary art) and includes text and dialogues by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Stefano Boeri, Stalker, Amedeo Martegani and Luca Molinari.