Arithmetic Noncommutative Geometry

Arithmetic non commutative geometry uses ideas and tools from non commutative geometry to address questions in a new way and to reinterpret results and constructions from number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry. This general philosophy is applied to the geometry and arithmetic of modular curves and to the fibers at Archimedean places of arithmetic surfaces and varieties.Non commutative geometry can be expected to say something about topics of arithmetic interest because it provides the right framework for which the tools of geometry continue to make sense on spaces that are very singular and apparently very far from the world of algebraic varieties. This provides a way of refining the boundary structure of certain classes of spaces that arise in the context of arithmetic geometry. With a foreword written by Yuri Manin and a brief introduction to non commutative geometry, this book offers a comprehensive account of the cross fertilization between two important areas, non commutative geometry and number theory. It is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in these areas.