Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association: v. 20: Residential Burial Residential Burial

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This volume represents a comprehensive archaeological discussion of residential burials in a variety of geographic, temporal, and social contexts. The volume chapters explore the many social meanings associated with the practice of burying the dead in residential contexts, touching on a variety of themes related to social memory, social reproduction, landscapes, identity, and power. Emphasis throughout these essays is on the important connections that people have with their deceased forbears and how these connections can be identified archaeologically. The Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association (AP3A) is published on behalf of the Archaeological Division of the American Anthropological Association. AP3A publishes original monograph-length manuscripts on a wide range of subjects generally considered to fall within the purview of anthropological archaeology. There are no geographical, temporal, or topical restrictions. Organizers of AAA symposia are particularly encouraged to submit manuscripts, but submissions need not be restricted to these or other collected works.