Archaeologist's Toolkit

Multiple copy pack
Volumes may also be purchased separately. The Archaeologist's Toolkit is an integrated set of seven volumes designed to teach novice archaeologists and students the basics of doing archaeology. Students are led through the process of designing a study, doing survey work, excavating, properly working with artifacts and biological remains, curating their materials, and presenting findings to various audiences. The volumes-written by experienced field archaeologists-are full of practical advice, tips, case studies, and illustrations to help the reader. All of this is done with careful attention to promoting a conservation ethic and an understanding of the legal and practical environment of contemporary American cultural resource laws and regulations. The Toolkit is an essential resource for anyone working in the field and ideal for training archaeology students in classrooms and field schools. Volume 1: Archaeology By Design By Stephen L. Black and Kevin Jolly (both at University of Texas) Volume 2: Archaeological Survey By James L. Collins (Office of the State Archaeologist, University of Iowa) and Brian Leigh Molyneaux (University of South Dakota) Volume 3: Excavation By David L. Carmichael (University of Texas, El Paso), Robert Lafferty III (Mid-Continental Research Associates), and Brian Leigh Molyneaux (University of South Dakota) Volume 4: Artifacts By Charles R. Ewen (East Carolina University) Volume 5: Archaeobiology By Kristin D. Sobolik (University of Maine) Volume 6: Curating Archaeological Collections By Lynne P. Sullivan (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) and Terry S. Childs (National Park Service) Volume 7: Presenting the Past By Larry J. Zimmerman (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis)