AQA AS Law Unit 2 Workbook: The Concept of Liability: Criminal Liability and Tort

Builds students' understanding and provides ready-prepared revision solutions to develop confidence and exam skills. This workbook for AQA Law AS Unit 2 will help build your students' understanding of all key topics. For use either in class or for homework, this full-colour workbook provides instant lesson solutions for specialist and non-specialist teachers: stimulus materials on all the topics followed by sets of questions designed to develop and to test AO1 (knowledge and understanding), AO2 (application, analysis interpretation and evaluation) and AO3 (ability to present a logical coherent answer using the correct legal terminology). - Help your students put what they have learned into practice with additional exam-style questions - Save valuable preparation time with self-contained exercises - Assess responses with answers online at Special school prices available for multiple purchases, see here for details: