Appreciative Inquiry and Knowledge Management: A Social Constructionist Perspective

The authors of this book advance the Appreciative Sharing of Knowledge (ASK), a unique approach by which organizations create a culture that facilitates the sharing of information. Using social constructionist approaches, historical data, and case studies, the authors demonstrate that appreciation - or affirmation - is the key ingredient for people to trust each other and overcome their inhibitions and concerns about sharing what they know. The hyper-competitive culture of many organizations has created a knowledge-hoarding climate that many firms struggle to change. The ASK process can reinvent, in a sustainable manner, how we think about organizing knowledge. By linking practices, artifacts, technologies and managerial skills, the ASK model offers a management framework for a wide range of enterprises. One of the basic tenets put forth is that if knowledge is shared appreciatively, managing knowledge will no longer be an issue. The authors expand on the concept of appreciation and illustrate how systems can be created to institutionalize knowledge sharing. In addition, they give examples of organizations that have planted the seeds for the exchange to happen. Academics and practitioners in the fields of knowledge management and organizational behavior and development will find this innovative study of great value. The findings will also be of great practical use for managers and executives in a variety of firms.