Antistatics Database

Since the first edition of this database in 2007, many changes have occurred in the market resulting in elimination of a large number of additives and introduction of new products. These changes are recorded in the database, which contains actual range of used compounds.Over 800 antistatics are included in this database. The Database of Antistatics is divided into five sections: General Information, Physical Properties, Health and Safety, Ecological Properties, and Use & Performance. Information on the selected additive can be accessed by clicking on any of the above tabs. The database has 130 data fields to accommodate a variety of data available in source publications. Displayed information contains additive name and its chemical structure (if it is a single compound disclosed by the manufacturer). The data can be viewed on screen and printed in a predefined format. System Requirements: Pentium or later generation processor. Windows NT or later generation Windows operating system. Screen resolution of 800x600 or greater.