Another Spanner in the Works: Challenging Prejudice and Racism in Mainly White Schools

Moving on from the acclaimed Spanner in the Works , a new team in Cumbria describes how teachers in white areas can challenge attitudes and help children develop respect for diversity, understanding of interdependence and skills of openness and acceptance. It tackles the hard issues of negative perceptions and prejudice. Since the first Spanner in the Works appeared in 1990, a good deal has changed: the school curriculum, the duty on schools imposed by the Race Relations Amendment Act, the even greater need for antiracist education in these troubled times, and the challenges this creates. Another Spanner responds to all this, and also to the negative changes caused by the mutual mistrust and fear between different cultures and countries. It offers a mix of stories of effective practice in white schools, and practical sections on, for instance, uncovering the attitudes held by teachers, governors, support staff and children and their perceptions of other countries. Like its predecessor, it will have relevance in white areas far beyond Cumbria.